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About Dunn Metal Designs

History of me

I received my degree from SUNY Brockport with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing/Jewelry under the direction of my instructor and mentor, Thomas Markusen. While in college I was the Treasure of the Art Student Association in 1996 and the President in 1997. During such time learning how to run an art gallery and the opening receptions. I exhibited in 5 art shows, 3 being student shows, 1 being a three man show, and 1 being my thesis “Aquatic”. At the end of 1997 I completed the “Craft Business Institute”. After graduating in 1997 I continued my apprenticeship with Tom at his studio in New York. To this day, I’m still absorbing all his knowledge of the tradesman’s life. In 2007 I was accepted into the Roycrofters at Large Association (visit for more info about the historic RALA). I have been inspired by nature’s form. In 2016 I won the “Master Craftsmen award” at the 100 American Craftsmen Show.  Observing the flowers and trees around me has brought substance to my designs. The idea of taking a nonferrous metal and creating a delicate form stimulates me. Since I’ve started my business “Dunn Metal Designs” in 2000, I have exhibited in hundreds of shows all over the North-East coast.  In 2019 i opened my first gallery, where you can purchase my, and other work from over 20 artist.


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